Mexico City, 4-8 September, 2017

Papers for publication in the proceedings should be sent to with the subject title PAPER FOR THE LAWPP2017 PROCEEDINGS-Surname_Initials (For instance: PROCEEDINGS-Aguirre_S.A.) no later than 8 September 2017. No more than one paper will be accepted for a given first author, although an author may appear as coauthor in more than one paper.

There will be two options for the submission of contributions:

1. Papers will be considered for a peered reviewed special issue in IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science. If there are serious objections by the referees, there will be no chance of sending a revised version.

2. It will be also possible to send papers to be published by IEEE Xplore® Digital Library, in which case a simple screening will be applied, so that sound papers can be accepted.

Prof. Martín Nieto from CICATA-IPN will send all potential authors instructions for both cases, including the templates, and they will soon be posted in this web page.

A new deadline has been set at October 8th, 2017, after which no further papers will be considered.

Papers not presented during the 16th Latin American Workshop on Plasma Phsyics (LAWPP 2017) will not be published in the proceedings.