Mexico City, 4-8 September, 2017
The Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics (LAWPP) is a regional meeting with global undertones, whose main purpose is to provide a forum for research carried out in Latin America, while presenting the main trends at international level on the various areas of plasma physics. Therefore, it fosters the establishment of scientific collaborations between Latin American researchers, as well as between them and researchers in developed countries, providing a proper forum to assess their results. Previous workshops have been held in Brazil (Cambuquira,1982), Colombia (Medellín, 1985), Chile (Santiago de Chile, 1988), Argentina (Buenos Aires, 1990), Mexico (Mexico City, 1992), Brazil (Foz do Iguaçu, 1994), Venezuela (Caracas, 1997), Argentina (Tandil, 1998),  Chile (La Serena, 2000), Brazil (Sao Pedro, 2003), Mexico (Mexico City, 2005), Venezuela (Caracas, 2007), Chile (Santiago de Chile, 2010), Argentina (Mar del Plata, 2011) and Costa Rica (San José, 2014). The 16th version is to be carried out in Mexico City on 4-8 September, 2017.

Taking into account the interests of the Latin American plasma physics community,  the scientific programme will cover recent results in the following areas. 

i. Space and Astrophysical plasmas, including results from observations in spacecrafts, the characterisation of Coronal Mass Ejections, and the interaction between the solar wind and planetary magnetospheres.

ii. Controlled Nuclear Fusion (Recent results in tokamak, reversed field pinch, and stellerator research.)

iii. Dense Magnetised Plasmas (Plasma focus, Z-pinches and their applications as radiation and dense plasma sources.)

vi. Laser Plasma Interactions (Inertial confinement fusion, plasma ablation, plasma particle accelerators, etc.)

v. Basic Plasma Physics (Self organisation, magnetic reconnection, anomalous diffusion, etc.)

vi. Industrial and environmental applications (Development of plasma sources and their characterisation for film deposition, plasma chemistry, medical applications, space propulsion, and waste treatment.)