Registration and abstract submission (open)


Registration and abstract submission will open on May 1, 2021 and is handled through


Please consider the following before registering


- The registration deadline is July 25, 2021 (however, the earlier, the better)

- The conference fee is 50 USD. The conference fee payment deadline is July 25, 2021.

- Registration is free for conveners, members of the organization, plenary speakers, postdocs, and students (the INDICO has an option to indicate the participant is exempt from the fee)

- The entrance to the rooms will be moderated and nonregistered participants will not be granted access

- Register under the name you will use to join the zoom rooms using latin characters so you can be identified as a registered participant. We apologize to participants whose native language does not use a latin alphabet and we hope they understand that this measure is necessary for security reasons and to prevent unwanted trolling


Please consider the following before submitting an abstract


- The abstract submission deadline is June 15, 2021

- We expect a lot of abstract submissions due to the virtual nature of the Conference and the low fee. However, the number of available slots for parallel talks is very limited because of the tight schedule. That can lead to a high rejection rate of abstracts

- We intend to provide space to as much different speakers as possible and submitting many abstracts by the same person would only lead to rejecting all but one. Hence, we encourage the prospective speakers to submit only ONE abstract per speaker, saving themselves and the conveners valuable time

- Acceptance/rejection will be communicated before June 30, 2021



If you have any question on the registration  or abstract submission process, please do not hesitate to contact the organization at



Conference fee and payment information


- The conference fee is 50 USD that has to be paid before the begining of the Conference

- If you are exempt of the fee (i.e. convener, member of the organization, plenary speaker, postdocs, or student), select the corresponding option in the registration.

- Payment is made to the Mexican Physical Society (Sociedad Mexicana de Física, SMF) either through bank transfer or our "Mercado Libre" payment page using Paypal option (the other options that appear are only for Mexican cardholders). The fee appears in Mexican Pesos). If you choose to pay through bank transfer, please specify in the transfer you name and HADRON2021. If you choose to pay through bank transfer it needs to be in US dollars in this case. Also, send an email to informing of the transfer so we can track easily and confirm your payment. The account details are:


BENEFICIARY: Sociedad Mexicana de Física, A. C.
ADDRESS: Edificio de Física, Piso 2, Fac. de Ciencias, UNAM, C.P. 04510 Deleg. Coyoacán
CITY/COUNTRY: Ciudad de Mexico / Mexico
IBAN / CLABE: 002180034993453470
BIC / SWIFT- National Bank Code: BNMXMXMMXXX
ADDRESS: Av. Paseos del Pedregal # 110, Col. Jardines del Pedregal, 01900 Ciudad de México