HUGS International Fellowship for Graduate Students in Developing Countries

The candidate(s) will be selected according to the following criteria:

1 - Financial need and country of origin
2 - Worth and qualifications of the applicant
3 - Interest in pursuing nuclear physics of relevance to JLab and/or establishing ties and collaborations with JLab researchers

These will be evaluated based on:

(i)  the student's statement of motivation to attend HUGS, and
(ii) the requested letters of recommendation.


Selection Committee

Dr. César Fernández-Ramírez, Fellowship Manager, Junior Research Scientist (ICN-UNAM)
Dr. Alberto Accardi, School Director, Associate Professor (Jefferson Lab and Hampton University)
Dr. M. Eric Christy, Associate Professor (Hampton University)
Dr. Rolf Ent, Associate Director for Experimental Nuclear Physics (Jefferson Lab)
Dr. Jose Goity, Professor (Jefferson Lab and Hampton University)
Dr. Cynthia E. Keppel, Hall A & C Group Leader (Jefferson Lab)
Dr. Michael Khol, Associate Professor (Hampton University)