October 21-25, 2019 | Mexico City - UNAM


• Hotels

There are a number of hotels available close to the UNAM or in the center of Mexico City, close to the metro line to the UNAM. Beware that the metro in Mexico City is very full during rush hour.

Participants are kindly requested to directly book their rooms in Mexico. We provide a list of hotels which have agreed to special prices for the Symposium. The recommended hotels are within easy reach of the University. We suggest not to book hotels in the center to avoid long transportation.

The approximate exchange rate at the time of writing is around 19 Mexican Pesos for 1 USD, and around 21 Mexican Pesos for 1 €.

Note: There will be a Formula 1 racing event in Mexico City October 25-27. We suggest to book hotels well in advance before they become full.

Recommended Hotels

Hotel El Diplomático

Located on the metrobus line to the UNAM

If you arrive on Oct. 21, 22 or 23:

  • Standard single or double room (1 or 2 persons)
    $1,080.00 MXN per night 

  • Suite:
    $1,300.00 MXN per night 


If you arrive on Oct. 24 or 25:

  • Standard single or double room (1 or 2 persons)
    $2,380.00 MXN per night 

  • Suite:
    $2,737.00 MXN per night 

  • Extra person, up to 4 occupants: $200 MXN per night [about 10 USD]

Contacts: Jessica Eslava or Mirosalva Villalobos,
            +52 55 5563.60.66

Event code: “Evento Inteligencia Artificial“

Web: https://www.eldiplomatico.com.mx/


Holiday Inn Ciudad de México Trade Center

Located near Metro “San Antonio”, one change to get to the UNAM.

  • Single/Double:
    $1,725.00 MXN w/o breakfast [about 90 USD],
    $2,028.00 MXN with breakfast [about 105 USD]

  • Triple:
    $1,966.00 MXN w/o breakfast [about 100 USD],
    $2,153.00 MXN with breakfast [about 110 USD]


Web: www.hinntradecenter.com


Hotel City Express

Located on the metrobus line to the UNAM

  • Single
    $1,547.00 MXN [about 80 USD]

  • Double
    $1,808.80 MXN [about 95 USD]

Breakfast included



Web: https://www.cityexpress.com/en/plus/hotels-mexico/ciudad-de-mexico/benito-juarez/insurgentes-sur


• Apartments and other accomodation options

The standard booking sites for hotels also list hotels around the UNAM and with easy access by public transport. There are also apartments and rooms in the vicinity of the UNAM available on AirBnb.